Somerset Coastal Defences Survey
Survey Data

Site P2

Date surveyed: September 2001
HER ref. no.: 35352
NGR: SS 8639 4805
Location: Porlock CP, Porlock Weir, on beach on seaward side of the Dock; faces seawards.
Type: pillbox type 24, brick-lined, disguised with beach pebbles.
Condition: good
Function: covers beach, part of group covering Porlock Harbour and the road leading inland to Porlock. For a video of the 3D reconstruction of this pillbox click here.
Group: with P1, P3 and P4.

3D model of the pillbox 3D model of the pillbox 3D model of the pillbox View of the entrance side. View of the eastern side. View from the pillbox to the inner harbour. 3D model of the pillbox

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